Dominion Thrives in the Commonwealth for 100+ Years

Five-Year $7.6 Billion Investment Plan Keeps Virginia Running Strong

With roots in the Commonwealth dating back to Colonial times, Dominion marks the beginning of its modern-day era in 1909 through the formation of the Virginia Railway and Power Company. Now, more than 100 years later, Dominion has grown into a publicly-traded, Fortune 500 company headquartered in Richmond, Va.

As one of the largest energy producers in the U.S., Dominion’s portfolio includes approximately 27,000 MW of generation, 11,000 miles of natural gas transmission, gathering and storage pipeline and 6,400 miles of electric transmission lines. The company operates one of the nation’s largest natural gas storage systems with 947 billion cubic feet of storage capacity, and serves customers in 15 states.

In 2010, Dominion announced a $7.6 billion investment plan to meet increasing customer demand and upgrade equipment over a five-year period. The program, Powering Virginia, focuses on increasing efficiency and developing a mix of sustainable, environmentally-friendly energy sources. It is expected to support thousands of new construction jobs.

As part of Powering Virginia, Dominion began operating its $1.8 billion Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center in Wise County, Va., in July 2012. The 585-MW plant is one of the cleanest coal facilities in the U.S., and uses a mix of coal, waste coal and bio-mass to generate electricity for 146,000 homes. More than 2,400 workers were employed during the construction of the plant.

Dominion has also increased clean-burning natural gas as part of its portfolio. In May 2012, Dominion broke ground on the Warren County Power Station, a $1.1 billion natural-gas-fired plant that is expected to commence operations in 2014. The 1,329-MW plant will generate electricity for 325,000 homes in Northern Virginia and will employ 800 workers during construction.

In February 2012, Dominion announced a $1.1 billion investment in Brunswick County to build a natural-gas-fired power station that would replace electricity generated by two coal-powered facilities in eastern Virginia. The new facility is expected to be operational in 2016, generate 1,300 MW of power, and create 600 construction jobs and 30 permanent jobs.

Virginia offers a wealth of renewable energy resources, including hydro, biomass and wind power. Dominion currently operates two hydro-electric power stations in the Commonwealth—the Cushaw Hydro Station and the North Anna Hydro Facility. The company’s Pittsylvania Power Station in Southern Virginia is one of the largest biomass power stations on the East Coast. In December 2012, the Department of Energy announced that a Virginia team, led by Dominion, was one of seven projects awarded an initial grant of up to $4 million for the engineering, design and installation of an offshore wind turbine demonstration facility.

As the economy gains strength, access to reliable, low-cost energy is a critical element to support growth. Virginia’s thriving data center industry is a prime example of this expansion—investment in the Commonwealth topped $1 billion in 2012. Data centers have extensive power needs to both run the facility as well as keep it cool, and often require additional energy infrastructure with tight deadlines. Dominion’s ability to partner with the public sector and provide last mile connectivity has helped generate investments, such as Microsoft’s almost $1 billion investment in Mecklenburg County and Capital One’s $150 million investment in Chesterfield County.

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