Why Virginia?

Virginia is the Best State for Business

Only a few locations can guarantee the right combination of resources that are crucial to your business's success. Virginia is one of those locations. The Commonwealth of Virginia’s unique combination of assets has encouraged businesses to prosper here for more than 400 years. Like you, they searched the world over for that convergence of resources that would help ensure their prosperity. For them, their search ended here. Chances are yours will too.

  • Fast Facts – Learn why Virginia is the Best State for Business
  • Workforce – Virginians are the advantage
  • Education – Virginia has a world-class education system
  • Research and Development – Virginia is home to many internationally recognized research and development (R&D) facilities
  • Location and Infrastructure – Virginia’s central location on the U.S. East Coast provides an ideal advantage
  • Quality of Life – Virginia provides a rich history, natural beauty, cultural events and abundant recreational opportunities that attracts and retains a highly talented workforce


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