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Virginia: Ranked America's Best State for Business

The Commonwealth of Virginia was founded as a global business venture in 1607 when English colonist landed in Jamestown, Virginia—the first permanent English settlement in North America. Since then, Virginia has stood for prosperity.

Today, Virginia is a leading gateway to successful business in North America. More than 700 internationally owned companies call the Commonwealth home. Virginia offers the qualities that corporate decision-makers everywhere are seeking in today’s global environment. Our exceptional infrastructure, strong education system, dynamic workforce, strategic location, and pro-business climate provide a solid foundation for growth and make the Commonwealth a great place for global enterprise. These are just a few of the reasons why Forbes.com ranks Virginia America's Best State for Business

In the past 10 years, international companies have announced more than 34,000 new jobs and $5.6 billion in investment in the Commonwealth. These companies contribute to the state’s economy by enhancing international trade. In 2010, sales of international goods and services from Virginia to the world topped $28 billion. Internationally owned firms in Virginia are often significant exporters of locally made products.

Internationally owned companies diversify Virginia’s economy, enhance the state’s culture, and introduce new technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques. Announcements of international companies locating to or expanding in Virginia from 2006-2010 include:

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