AREVA Establishes Nuclear Center of Excellence in Virginia

Expansion Continues With $26.3 Million Investment

Last December, AREVA Inc. unveiled its operations in Lynchburg and Campbell County as the company’s Operational Center of Excellence for Nuclear Products and Services in North America. The company also announced a $26.3 million investment to enhance its R&D capabilities and increase its manufacturing competitiveness by adding advanced machinery and tools.

AREVA has operated in the Lynchburg region since 1956, opening the first privately financed nuclear facility in the U.S. AREVA has since grown to become the No. 1 supplier of nuclear energy products and services in the world, and now employs almost 1,800 workers in Central Virginia.

AREVA’s Virginia facilities help the company support more than 100 nuclear reactors across North America and deliver clean, affordable and reliable power.

Lynchburg and Campbell County are home to the AREVA Solutions Complex, a campus of eight facilities that provide the largest collection of nuclear testing and service offerings in North America. The campus includes AREVA’s U.S. Technical Center, one of its newest facilities that offers full-service testing capabilities through a seismic analysis laboratory, environmental chambers, industrial ovens and chemical laboratories for materials and components testing.

AREVA’s expansion and COE designation are a testament to the company’s positive experience in the Commonwealth for nearly 60 years. The company has credited the engineering and manufacturing expertise of its Virginia workforce for contributing to its success.

"Virginia has the ideal combination of abundant natural resources and human resources," said AREVA Inc. President and CEO Gary Mignogna. "Our growth is due, in large part, to the work ethic and high technical skill of our workforce. Our employees enjoy an outstanding quality of life here, and that has allowed us to retain the quality workforce critical to our success."

More than 400 energy leaders, like AREVA, have located in Virginia. From nuclear to renewables, energy companies have found that the Commonwealth’s plentiful natural resources, highly-skilled workforce, central East Coast location, and strong R&D programs and higher education institutions make Virginia a great place to do business. To learn more click here.


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