Say "Yes" to Virginia

Basket Founder and CEO Neil Kataria shares why he chose Arlington County for his software app startup.

What inspired Basket?

My wife and I had just had our second child and were constantly ordering more and more from online each week, receiving two orders every week with each order over $100. One night I asked myself the question, “how much am I over paying for the convenience of just having everything delivered? How much would the same items cost at a local store?” That was when I realized that there was no way to peek into our nearby stores – Safeway, Kroger’s, Giant Foods, Food Lion, Target, Wegman’s, Costco, BJ’s Warehouse, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. and check prices like you can online. So I went out with a note pad and wrote down all the prices for my most recent online order at the stores in my neighborhood in Arlington, VA. What I found was that I was over paying online as I expected, but what I didn’t expect was to find by how much prices vary from one store to the next and how money I could save just by knowing the prices before I went to the store. Literally turning right or left at an intersection could be a 40% savings on my $200 shopping order, $80 of real savings!

San Francisco has a reputation for hosting tech companies. What made you choose Arlington?

One of the best parts of building the company in Arlington is we are surrounded by our true users.
So much of what is coming out of the tech hubs like San Francisco or New York are companies built just for people that live in San Francisco and New York. The users that love Basket are people that live all across the country that want to be able to save time and money on every grocery trip. And those kind of shoppers are also the kind of people that we are hiring now in Virginia, they understand the power of what we are building and want to be a part of our team!

Can you describe the recruitment process to Virginia, working with organizations at the state and local level?

Virginia made the decision very easy for us. We knew that as we grew our company we would need to find more space for our team and to serve our growing shopper network. We also knew that being a part of an active area near urban and suburban neighborhoods would be extremely valuable for our understanding of the people we are building our company to help. 

How have you approached hiring and recruiting in Virginia?

Virginia is primed to be on the fast track for more and more technology growth. Being so close to everything that is happening in DC but also being able to have a great standard of living has allowed us to attract and retain some wonderful people to our team. As we continue to expand, we are pitching our company and our community to new candidates and fortunately for us, both are growing really quickly and we are excited to be where we are and all that lies ahead!

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