Virginia’s Big Apple?

Andros Foods North America expansion will grow apple processing capacity and create 160 new jobs in Shenandoah County

A global leader in both local and international fruit snacks, frozen desserts and dairy products, Andros Foods North America announced plans in April 2015 to invest $73 million in the next few years in its Shenandoah County facility, which will create 160 new jobs.

Andros Foods NA, a subsidiary of France-based Andros Food Products, will expand its Mt. Jackson operation, purchased in 2011, to grow apple processing capacity for its popular pouch and fruit products.

Andros Foods NA’s brands include beloved treats such as Fruit Me Up! and Old Virginia, which use locally sourced, all natural food products for its Virginia Apple Sauce and Apple Butter. Undoubtedly, the company’s expansion will have a positive effect on the Commonwealth’s apple industry, the fourth largest in the nation.

“Andros Foods NA chose Virginia for several reasons,” said Thierry Jean, CEO of Andros Foods North America. “The availability of fresh fruit sources in the state is an important element in Andros Foods’ fruit processing operation, as well as the state’s support of agricultural activities. The well-maintained infrastructure (highways and port) in close proximity makes Virginia an attractive choice for current and expanded future operations. Also, the people in the Shenandoah Valley know food processing and distribution. This makes for an excellent base for attracting associates to work at Andros Foods NA. We are very happy to be doing business in Virginia.”

Food processing has long been recognized as one of Virginia’s largest manufacturing sectors. These companies have thrived in the Commonwealth due to its strategic location, knowledgeable workforce and competitive operating costs. To learn why more than 620 food processing companies have chosen to call Virginia home, visit

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