Euclid Systems Corporation Eyes International Success

This past November, Euclid Systems Corporation, a specialty contact lenses manufacturer headquartered in Herndon, was awarded the 2015 Commonwealth of Virginia Governor’s Award for Excellence in International Trade at the Virginia Conference on World Trade in Norfolk.

Recipients of this prestigious award excel in global trade and have increased their international sales while promoting the best interests of their employees and surrounding community.

Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones said, “I congratulate Euclid Systems Corporation on this prestigious award for international trade accomplishments. Euclid is a great company that is not only growing and generating revenue in new markets, but also providing a product that is changing people’s lives, including those of children. This is a wonderful Virginia success story, and we are proud that Euclid calls the Commonwealth home.”

Victories with VEDP

  • Since joining VEDP’s International Trade Programs in 2010, Euclid Systems Corporation has increased its sales six-fold and more than tripled their employee count.

  • Euclid Systems Corporation participated in the Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) program in 2013. Upon graduating from VALET, the company reported a 200 percent increase in export sales.

Euclid Systems Corporation manufactures specialty contact lenses for the treatment of myopia. As the leading premium brand of contact lenses sold in China, it is the only US brand that has approval from both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and China’s FDA equivalent. Euclid’s lenses are prescribed by major hospitals, leading university medical centers and private clinics throughout China. Since 2005, the company has sold more than 750,000 lenses worldwide.

This award highlights what more than 700 international companies located in Virginia already know — that the Commonwealth provides the necessary tools for global businesses to thrive. With cost-effective operations, pro-business values, global logistics assets and easy access to the U.S market, Virginia offers companies an innovative, resourceful environment to succeed. To learn more, click here.

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