Fortune 100 Company Honeywell Chooses Virginia — Again

Long-standing Virginia company Honeywell recently announced plans to expand its Advanced Fibers and Composites (AF&C) operation in Chesterfield County through an investment of $27.5 million, creating 50 new jobs.

Honeywell began operating in Virginia back in 1928 and this 80-plus year history has resulted in 17 facilities across the Commonwealth that employ 1,800 Virginians. Continued expansion and investment in Virginia confirms the company’s positive experience in the Commonwealth, allowing Virginia to beat out North Carolina and South Carolina for this project.

Honeywell’s AF&C business manufactures the lightest and strongest polyethylene fiber in the world. Its life-saving technology is used in applications to protect military and police officers where lightweight strength is critical. Bullet-resistant vests, breast plates, helmets, combat vehicles and military aircraft are just a few applications for AF&C’s world-class polyethylene fiber.

Virginia’s appeal to the plastics and advanced materials industry spans numerous subsectors, including fiber and film manufacturing, blow molding, injection molding, pipe manufacturing, thermoforming and equipment manufacturing. With recent announcements from DuPont, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Tessy Plastics, O’Sullivan Films and Phoenix Packaging, Virginia has made its mark as an ideal location for plastics and advanced materials companies.

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Advance Auto Parts Adds Financial Center to Virginia Headquarters

Advance Auto Parts recently announced its plans to establish a Financial Services Commercial Customer Care Center at its corporate headquarters in Roanoke, Va. Located at the Crossroads Corporate Business Center, this project will bring an $8 million investment and 75 new jobs to Roanoke over the next three years.

Historically catering to the do-it-yourself market, Advance Auto Parts has expanded its customer base to include commercial customers. This project will allow the company to enhance its customer service to this market, bringing the management of the entire commercial credit experience under one roof.

Commencing operations in Roanoke 80 years ago, Advance Auto Parts has successfully grown its operations in the Commonwealth from a small, family-run business to a Fortune 500 Company. Since 1990 the company has invested $53.2 million, creating more than 680 new jobs in the Roanoke region. CEO Darren R. Jackson recently rang the bell at the NYSE to celebrate the company’s 10-year anniversary as a publicly traded company.

The company’s commitment to Virginia and the Roanoke region is expressed by Jackson, "Over the last few years, we have invested over $10 million in our Store Support Center in Roanoke in our effort to expand and improve our facilities. This new team will be part of our over 1,600 Team Member base in Roanoke and is an integral part of our goal to grow Advance through service. This project reflects our longstanding commitment to the growth and development of the Roanoke Valley."

Virginia is home to 70 corporate headquarters of companies exceeding $500 million in revenue. The Commonwealth also houses the headquarters of 33 Fortune 1000 companies. To learn why leading companies like Advance Auto Parts continue to select Virginia for their headquarters locations, click here.

Evatran Pioneers New Technology for Electronic Vehicles

From blue-chip conglomerates to technology start-ups, Virginia’s entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. Wytheville, Va., company Evatran is leading the way in developing an electronic vehicle (EV) wireless recharging system. Governor Bob McDonnell hosted the company’s launch event for its Apollo Program at the State Capitol in Richmond, Va., in late February.

Google, Duke Energy, Hertz, Clemson University and the Commonwealth of Virginia have already signed on for Phase I of the Apollo Program. These partners have agreed to test the company’s wireless charging technology over the next three months and provide feedback to the company.

Evatran has been on the fast-track since June 2010 when Governor McDonnell announced the company would invest $3.5 million to establish a new manufacturing operation in Wytheville, Va., bringing 84 new jobs to the area. Virginia successfully competed against North Carolina and Ohio for the project.

Evatran’s Plugless Power system is unique — as its name suggests it does not require the EV to be plugged in to recharge. Through inductive power transfer, the user simply has to park the vehicle over a specialized pad which uses magnetic fields to transfer energy from the pad’s coils to the receiving coils within the vehicle adapter. The energy is only converted to electricity once inside the vehicle, ensuring a safe transfer.

The company is hopeful that the convenience of its technology will aid in the early adoption of EVs as a standard mode of transportation, helping to ease the global energy crisis.

As a green energy pioneer, Evatran illustrates the strength of Virginia’s entrepreneurs in both the technology and energy sectors. To learn more about the Commonwealth’s unique offering for technology and energy companies, click here.

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