Higher Education System

Leading the Nation

With more than 528,000 students enrolled in over 219 campuses of in-state institutions of higher education, Virginia is the ideal location for individuals seeking to excel and further their education. Virginia has several colleges and universities that have achieved national acclaim and have areas of studies lending great value to companies across the state. Additionally, the Virginia Community College System, comprised of 23 community colleges, located on 40 campuses around the state, provides occupational and technical training programs, many of which are designed specifically to meet the needs of nearby industries.

Virginia’s institutions of higher education offer exceptional diversity, ranging from public universities to small private liberal arts colleges.

  • 15 public comprehensive institutions - 8 of which are doctoral institutions
  • Approximately 45 private accredited four-year institutions
  • 23 public community colleges and one public two-year college
  • Vocational institutions and technical and workforce development centers
  • More than 65 out-of-state institutions of higher education offer courses, and in some cases complete degree programs, at sites across Virginia
Economic Development Efforts

Virginia universities and colleges are actively involved in the Commonwealth’s economic development efforts. Virginia’s University-Based Economic Development group provides a point of contact for every public institution to provide businesses with easy access to public college and university resources.


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