July 13, 2001

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New Web Site Urges Companies To Compare Virginia To Other States
-Governor Gilmore touts state’s latest technology to recruit business -

Richmond - Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore today announced that the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) has unveiled a new web site at its home address, Virginia is introducing an innovative feature on the site which allows the user to “compare Virginia’s advantages” to the other 49 states. A U.S. map shows all states with a direct hyperlink to their respective economic development offices. Additional features include a Region of the Month, a weather report, and an up-to-the minute stock ticker.

“By highlighting the Commonwealth’s assets and asking prospective companies to compare Virginia to other states, we are making a bold competitive statement,” said Governor Gilmore. “My administration remains committed to fostering a technology-friendly atmosphere to attract and keep businesses in Virginia.”

As a central web site where companies worldwide often begin their site searches, VEDP’s web site has achieved international recognition in the economic development community, ranking eighth in the world by Corporate Location magazine in 1999. As a state known for its strong technology sector, Virginia utilizes state-of-the-art technology in the economic development process and has one of the most advanced geographic information systems (GIS), a boost for Virginia’s economy. As of November 2000, every available site and building in the Commonwealth could be found at through the VirginiaScan™ feature. On average, the web site now receives 400,000 hits per month - a new record.

“As a competitive player in the global marketplace, Virginia’s technology resources are reaching businesses in every corner of the world,” said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Barry E. DuVal. “Our Commonwealth will continue to inform and capture the interest of those companies seeking to expand.”

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership was created by the Virginia General Assembly in 1995 to encourage, stimulate and support the development and expansion of the economy of the Commonwealth. The Partnership is a state authority which is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors appointed by the Governor. To accomplish its objectives of promoting economic expansion within the Commonwealth, the Partnership focuses its efforts on business development and international trade. In 2000, VEDP reported a record year for announced jobs (over 48,000) and capital investment ($6.5 billion).


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